Special Invitation : Charlie St. cloud

Thanks OMY<esp. Alvin and Janet>, for the Invitation once again. Nice catching up with u, Janet.

Movie time again …. Charlie St. Cloud… at Illuma , it is my 1st time there, i love it!
Maybe you might be thinking that i watch this show because of Zac Efron… and i must say it is only part of the reason… coz this is an awesome novel i read.  Just by reading the book, it touches my heart and i felt the Love and Romance of Charlie and how he LIVE  , LOVE and LET GO and finally CHERISH , thats my quote for it …

Of coz…i really do not wish to spoil your interest in going to watch this movie because it is really nice , thus catch the official trailer for more…exciting scene that makes u jump out of your cozy zone and run to the threatre …tee heee…

Watch it and share with me …post a comment 🙂

He is so charming with blue eyes…seem so perfect looking at him….

His dearest brother …Sam… baseball freak….. weeee.

Catch the movie now in theatre…Gin says : “catch it or NEVER”  🙂

Pictures credit to online source via internet google.

4 thoughts on “Special Invitation : Charlie St. cloud

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