Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen 精武风云 ∙ 陈真

Thanks Omy.sg For the Gala Premier…Yeahhhh Yeahhh

Watching movies on monday sure is a Getaway especially for fans of Donnie Yen…He portrays righteous and a hero that saves victim . I guess every hero has their worries even though they are so strong as well and the saddest thing that attack a hero is the lady with him… Shuqi….i guess at a point (when he knew that she was helping Japanese Troops)… Breaks his heart i guess…

Also, there alot of killing scenes, so readers if u are timid little girls, watch with your love ones and he will protect u …haaaa

I shall not share too much on the movie , reason being…. i want you to go watch it!!!! Once again, Donnie Yen thumbs up 🙂 and Double thumbs up

Ok, just feel like playing with some camchoring heehee… coz it just makes me think of his kungfu 🙂 tee heee

3 thoughts on “Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen 精武风云 ∙ 陈真

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