Bloggers Event : L’Oreal Paris “HIP HIP HURRAY!”

“HIP HIP HURRAY!” Finally it is here! What is it? Loreal two Latest Product is out Real Soon!!!!

With True color payoff and more lasting color impactm this range makes creating the look of professional backstage beauty easy for every pretty girls and lady. Other than wearing colorful contact lens, we must not forget matching with high-fashion beauty makeup products and dressing up ourselves.

Makeup Demo by Famous Makeup Artist  : JULYEN

Just a little sneak preview help :
HIP Bright Shadow Duo is available at selected Watsons Stores at $18.90. It is availabel in eight shades : Adventurous , Bustling, Flamboyant, Flare, Flashy, Riotous,  Showy & Platinum. They are limited edition thus grab them before they are gone.

We  get to experience with the makeup and it is like a little makeup contest , juz a 10 mins for us to draw on the paper and to play with the paper, it is really not easy on paper then on face. it is fun actually though.

Yummy Lunch for us, salmon spagetti in pink sauce, signature dish

Nice catching up with pretty bloggers :

Also not forgetting cupcakes making for the colorful saturday afternoon :

Oh my god i havent put on my eye makeup:
Pretty Jiaqi!

Pretty Chantana with nice double eyelid

My favourite swatch :

Tee hee i love it all… yeahh i can play with them :

My Favourite Eyeliner : Silver lightning

Thank you L’Oreal for the generous gift bag , i really love this Leathery bag beige and red, KAWAII!!!!

The really retro and old school toys i found at the event place!!! Cool!

HIP Color chrome eyeliner, it is very soft and feel like a liquid liner as it glides and slide on the eyes. It gives my eyes more defination and is smudge-proof. it creates a 3D look and making the eyes really attractive. Wink Wink **

It is available at Watson $17.90 It is available in 4 shades – metallic shades – black shock, silver lightning , gold charge and violet volt.

Thank you L’Oreal paris team for this wonderful event and we are really looking forward to the next one!

To all My Readers, dun forget to check it out at all watsons …HipHip Hurray, Stay Hip and Stylish always!

To Sum Up the Lovely Day!

Ps. : In case you are wondering where to go to this place, here’s the address :

Venue: Hairloom and Caramel (100, Beach Road, #01-52, Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702)

Do drop me a comment on HIP HIP HURRAY Range and what colors you love. Keep in Touch everyone!!!!

3 thoughts on “Bloggers Event : L’Oreal Paris “HIP HIP HURRAY!”

    • hi JewL, It is at Hairloom and Caramel. You can drop by there and i am sure u love that place, it is at beach road shaw Tower! i am glad u have this Antique at home, i moved and didnt brought it with me , sadly

  1. Anyway, is the eyeliner good? I’m looking for something smooth and easy to apply, my previous eyelinder was a disappointment cos it was greasy and thick. 😦

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