Aqualabel Round 3 – Video Round

Thanks to everyone that support me earlier to go into this round… Aqualabel Round 3 – Video Round

And YES at this very instant… We are really all feeling very nervous!

One important lesson he taught us is …Lighting and Environment, so here’s an example of video from Michelle Pan , where he asked us Take note of environment lighting…

if u havent seen the video…credit to michelle phan…here is it, i love the video actually though the flaws:

i am feeling nervous Especially holding…Panasonic Lumix FX75 … one of the prizes~! i really love its unique feature… Cosmetics Mode.

Having Said that… i am thinking about how i am going to say in my video…
as he mention.. to be original and creative… somehow u know the down to earth script i have it will be :
“hello everyone, i am gin. I love to share my favourite product and it is the bright white Ex. I have dull and uneven skin tone , however after using Aqualabel bright white Ex, my friends and people around me and saying my skin are improving and brighter and fresher. I like to recommand to everyone here too. Cheers! ~”

Take a look at my number tag and my favourite product…. wondering am i the last…?

But at the very last minute… i decided to change my script…I guess i am going to have fun here and to make you all laugh… 🙂

My Favourite Product is the Bright White Ex in this video. But i must say, aqualabel really have alot of products i love! And i am using it everyday!!!!

Something just spark and knock at my head at the most nervous and last minute thing when i really want to do something different with creative and some humor in it. Each time i watch the video, i broke into laughter…

Here’s my last minute script :

“Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?


Here’s my secret, Aqualabel bright white Ex , it makes my skin glow with radiance, no more dull and uneven skin tone.”

(There goes my 30secs!!!)

Thanks to the Props , Mirror!!!! Himeko Mizuki ♥ Mirror!!!

It is unique and pretty!

Himeko Mizuki and me was the really last few to start our recording… u know our heart is really beating yet we are trying to rehearse and yet we really find ourselves hungry… was it stress?

At that point of time, we just cant stop poping munchy into our mouth… these traditional and old school munchy is our stress release 😛

This round is interesting because it is like really on the spot, all contestant have to showcase a favourite Aqualabel product and share why u like it. The duration is 15-30 sec.

Here goes the professional mini video setup… i am wearing all black because i felt it will make me stand out and looks fair…thus to match my product and script

Zoom in me… am i dosing off? As i am the last contestant… guess what time is it? it is 11.20pm …nahhh of coz not… i guess i am just too nervous still, and i am trying to stay calm…

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After which pls click like for my post and comments. Every of your votes counts and if i am able to go to the next round, i will be able to invite everyone of you who supported me to the workshop and you can try the Aqualabel yourself!!!! sounds real good right? 🙂

Wish me GoodLuck!!! And Really hope to go into the next round…Your comment is very valuable to me… Readers and fans pls leave a comment! Looking forward to hold a private party for all of u… i think this will be the greatest birthday gift for me this year …nevertheless… keep my finger cross.

Stay Tune for more update and Video uploaded here.

Wish me GoodLuck!

Hi girls, Stay pretty and live happily ever after…Picture credit to, Thank you!

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