Skin79 Diamond Workshop – Blogger’s Special Preview

Skin79 has won the new Best newcomer award at Watsons.

Let me shared some overview of BB creams. What does BB stands for? baby bee? beautiful baby? Being Beauty? ok, i guess everyone know it by now that it is …

BB stands for “Blemish Balm” .
It has the advantages of both skin care and make-up
Healing properties which improves the skin’s condition
Evens out the skin tone
Providing coverage for dark spots and other blemishes.

Skin79’s Diamond workshop at The Icing Room. Though there is huge rave on Skin79 BB cream, i have never try it myself. Thanks to Pearlin and Lorraine for the opportunity.

Nice chilly drinks for us to enjoy . Cheers! 🙂

The generous food for everyone of us… none of us really care if we will get fat by eating them. We just enjoy how nice it is to be pampered by all these yummy food that we crave long ago.

What BB Cream is best for me as there is so many in the market?

DIAMOND I UV screen BB Pact SPF22 PA++, the texture is very smooth and transparent yet providing good coverage.

This is the product i love and strongly recommand for everyone who sleep late and have dark eye circles . And the shade is just like the ZA concealer number 1 and 2. I love this Perfect Cover BB concealer. Check it out!

Another darling product will be this… if u love your skin smooth and bright and to even dull skin tone. Try this! BB cream doesnt make your skin ashy or greyish. This product will give u a second look. 😛

These are not candy so be sure your kids wont eat them haaahaaa… though it really looks yummilious!!! 🙂

We all enjoy the cupcake making sessions that was given to us and it is really fun and entertaining. We girls enjoy as much as we do.

The Final Masterpiece of all our hardwork.

This is the cupcake i have made:

The barbie doll world… sweet with my girl friends

Check out the range of products from skin 79

Check out the current promotion at watsons!

I really love the BB Diamond series and feel that it is really a prestige collection that is not dark or greyish on my skin as i have fair skin. i love the texture and coverage and i am using it everyday. It is a fuss-free product that i can use everyday and getting a spf 25 PA++ protection.

Skin 79 really offer a affordable price on the bbcream and quality ingredients. And they have the widest range of bb cream to choose from to suits your skin type. Check out at your nearest watson store today! 🙂

I am giving out the PRESTIGE BEBLESH BALM!!!! Just Leave a comment  “I love ginevi” and your email address. and add me in my facebook, closing date : 20 August 2010 . Hurry! tell your friends too!!!!

My facebook : Ginevi

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