City Under Siege – Movie Review

Hi readers,

City under siege starring Aaron kwok as a clown who always wish that he can be his father and be inspired by him to be the top performer of shooting knife. He always like to try but never given a chance. And i guess for a handsome actor like him taking this role is cute. < SCREAM Girls >

One day, on a treasure-hunting trip deep into the mountains of Malaysia, Sunny and 5 other circus performers carelessly triggered a bio-chemical weapon from World War II.Β  The bio chemical is kind of scary.

Shortly after returning to Hong Kong, their bodies undergo changes from inhalation of gas from the weapon. Their bones and muscles show signs of animalization. Their strength increases incredibly. The group decides to use their special strengths to do evil. Robberies and assaults erupt in the city.

Sunny’s strength and agility also boosted but strangely, he shows no signs of animalization. As a result, he gains fame and popularity. While the others are turning into ugly creatures, they decide to kidnap the top five richest men in the city and set a trap to capture Sunny so as to find out why is he able to resist the mutation in his body.

Don’t you miss it. Go watch it at the theatres!!! Thank you omy!!!

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