ADONIS – Creating Confidence with Charisma

Adonis is an established andtrusted brand which grew over the years by building our expertise and reputation in the market. Adonis exhibits passion and commitment to pamper every customer who places their trust in us.

The Treatment i go through is called 7 Haven Chakra. let me tell u more on what is it about. It touches on all five senses to impart a deep and total feeling of well-being. Precise and gentle techniques using an infusion of Synergy oil extracted from the plant species are massaged in to the system to help in the realignment of our body centre axis.

I will post more pictures when i have them. But i really do not want my readers here to wait for the real goodies, so i just want to cut it fast and short here in three words : Try it Yourself!!! FREE HOLLISTICS MASSAGE!!!

To Enjoy exactly how i am being pampered, i gonna make it very easy for my readers here! And Trust me , they are really TOTALLY not pushy at all.  So no need to fear they force u sign package or buy things. i have been through it myself!

Email  Your name, NRIC and subject : iloveginblog

to :

Closing date is While SLOTS last! Grab them before it is all filled!!!!!

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