Glad to watch it before it is launched and thanks to omy! Time for a movie review.

The Last Airbender is a sci-fi/fantasy movie. From the name itself… i guess u will think that it is a many effects movie and that is it. But well it is not just that. it is a movie of righteous and bringing climax and love and mood to the movie.

And true to the cartoon comic version and story of the young boy who is the chosen avatar… here’s a super cool shot of the comic version.

True enough there isnt any famous superstar in it but to my surprise, the actor and actress are pretty people and costume are really nice.

And many “wow” moves and fighting “wow , wow” And a boy to be righteous and a movie with story line… hmm.. wanting me to tell you more… better not i guess. go catch it yourself and u will be “WOW” by the movie itself.

In cinemas today! catch it and remember your popcorns!!!

if u like this movie too and had catch it too, leave a comment too šŸ™‚

One thought on “Movie Premiere: THE LAST AIR BENDER

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