CHEERS! Toast to Watsons HWB Awards

HWB Health wellness & beauty awards ‘ 2010

The Watsons HWB awards celebrates the outstanding achievements of its trade partners. Awarded for their quality and innovation, these winning brands are a reflection of the popular taste and consumers’ changing preferences and lifestyle.

And We must really CONGRATS Shiseido for winning so many PRIZES!!!

And The Winners are…

Best Selling Lengthening Mascara
Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus

This is a fuss-free mascara, using it everyday is a breeze as it can volume up and thicken your lashes in no time!
Been using it for some time already, and making my lashes up is so easy.

Best Selling glittery eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner is a MUST for my everyday even on lazy shopping days , this is a liner that refresh the eyes and clear up bedroom sleepy eyes. Perfect as it’s name. i love using that and i do not have to sharpen it. It slides easily to my lash line and can be use for upper lash and even lower lash, love the silvery white and the black liner, it is my everyday makeup companion !

Best Selling quad eye shadow
Majolica Majorca jeweling eyes

Did i tell u that i use this everyday? Yes it brightens my eyes and give 3dimension to it. I love the light-weight jewel case that it comes so handy that could even fits into my pocket!

Best Selling concealer
ZA Concealer Perfection
This is my favourite product, have been using it for years, perfect coverage and it is a MUST product to have it even on lazy days. all u need is to conceal your dark circles or some flaws.

Best Selling brow liner
ZA Ever Brow Liner is a handy brow pencil . long lasting and u dun even need to sharpen. great to carry along in the makeup pouch and everywhere, it doesnt bulk up your pouch.

Best Selling two-way foundation
ZA Skin Beauty Two-way Foundation

This is a all time favourite and like every girl owns it! If  u havent, it is time to get it ! Try it for yourself. The texture is smooth and perfect.

Best Selling whitening foundation
ZA True White Two-way Foundation

This is a whitening foundation , great for giving fairer skin and coverage, giving the skin a natural finish

Yuuuuuuuummmmmyyummmmm Seng!

CHEERS! Toast to Watsons HWB Awards

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