Skin Care Regime : Wise Up to Whitening

It’s never too early to practise proper whitening care. Understand the underlying factors, and take the right path to fairness.

Interesting Finds :
‘Translucent” beautiful fair skin is desired by many women!

According to surveys conducted  in Japan, around 70% of women are interested in whitening skincare,  indicating that most women aspire to skin that is fair and translucent!

Types of UV Rays

Is it true that there are different types of UV rays?

The UV rays that reach the ground are UV-B ray waves which damage the skin’s surface , making it red and tingly. The UV ray that passes through clouds and window panes is UV-A, that causes photo-aging, wrinkles and sagginess.

Sunscreens carry indicators on their packaging that reveal the type of UV protection.

SPF : Guidline for protection against UV-B rays

wise up lesson 1 : SPF1 protects skin against UV-B rays for 15-20mins

PA : Guidline for protection against UV-A rays

wise up lesson 2 : 3 ‘+’ marks indicate maximum protection , the more ‘+’ marks, the stronger the protection

Aqualabel Bright White Ex

-Intensive spots targeting essence promotes the recuperation of skin damaged by UV exposure

-Targets the root of the problem by inhibiting excessive melanin production and soothing skin inflammation

-Keeps moisture locked in for longer hours with Hyaluronic Acid and Lipidure

-Highly recommended for your skincare routine after softener.

i Love it to bits!!!
Here’s my verdict :
Bright White Ex has a light texture and is non oily or sticky. It is a beauty essence that penetrate to the skin easily and replenish the water moisture from lost. Although i didnt have much pigmentation problem , using it helps to delays the formation of black pigment and help my skin to be smooth filled with radiant. Like my friend say, porcelain skin texture.

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