Bloggers event for Aqualabel Product Launch


Thanks for the invitation from Aqualabel SG and the nice staffs that greeted us always and nice to catch up with some friends there too.

Unveiling Japan’s No. 1 Mass Skincare brand in….

Aqualabel Launched in Japan in 2006, AQUALABEL is a skincare range, specially developed by Shiseido Laboratories, for those who believe that “The Lack of Moisture is the Root of All Skin Evils”.

As Quoted from Aqualabel, “My skin feels like a desert.” – (red series , moisturising range)

Key ingredients in this range include:
1) Collagen Glycerin – Collagen plumps up skin to keep it looking young and supple while Glycerin maintains the balance of water level in skin
2) Apricot Extract – Promotes production of Natural Moisturising Factors to keep skin moisturised
3) Aqua Synergy – An exclusive ingredient that blends easily with water and oil in skin so that it can penetrate deeper into the skin layers
4) Moist Aqua Keeping Base – An exclusive ingredient to plump up skin and keep it hydrated by infusing skinwith moisture

A quality range of moisturizing products that feature key ingredients Collagen Glycerin and Apricot Extract to quench thirsty, dehydrated skin lacking in elasticity.

We are ready and happy and excited to try Aqualabel.

These are the 3 huge range and u can find all sort of product target for your skin type as japan skincare are very detail orientated. thus, u could really find a huge selection.

We will all to try their whitening range product and it makes us smell so good with a rose scent. i felt like a princess in a bed of roses. haaa 🙂

For a Dry Dehydrated skin, i will love using this..white up cream… i love the texture.

Whitening enhancer… you can only find this in aqualabel… pat pat pat it into your face and do a tong xiao patting, like mahjong type…pong pong pong on your skin.. .

This is the Star performer product for the WT series.

We are doing the mask for our face…. it has lifting effect thus, i cant smile. but i am smiling inside , alright.. dun make me smile girls hahahaahaa…. 🙂

Tada….. me in mask again….

Special massage technique to follow once you removed the mask…

Our skin is very soft and smooth now… followed by using the moisturisers, cream, etc…

The Rose scent cleansing oil is my favourite . it melts waterproof eyeliners so easily, unlike other cleansing oil.

all done and happy us…our secret + touched up with their foundation…

Heard that they can also fit into shiseido case. So nice right!!! loving it as…yanny were saying… “it feels like u are not wearing anything using it.”

Really enjoyed myself alot and cant wait to grab these products. i really loves it!

Join them in their facebook and get your products at Ngee ann city!

Leave your comment here and share with me , what is your favourite products!



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