Waxing Brazilian for $28 only

Experience our much raved about, award winning Brazilian Wax treatment using hardwax to minimise discomfort! Be over and done with in less than 20mins with our experts.

Rated 4* by Her World Magazine and painless by Urban Wire and winner of various waxing awards, we are proud to maintain our reputation for zero give-ups over the 5 yrs and counting.

I am so packed with activities but nonetheless, i will never forget to go for my monthly hygiene care . And always with my closest friends that we never forget to have our brazilian waxing done.

If you asked is it pain for the 1st time or is it pain. i must say being clean down there is always the best thing and best comfort and please don’t tell me u can live with hairy bushes there, seriously it is not attractive in any way . 😛 haaaa

Pink Parlous brazilian experience is a breeze, u get to use the shower facilities over there and get changed to a clean bathrobe or towel. Plus friendly and nice therapists and u will feel stress.

i really love how it is done so quickly and the result is really silky smooth.

Guess what ? now you can enjoy this fabolous offer by pink parlour! print this and quote ginwong to redeem!



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