Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB CREAM

Advertorial Review

ELISHACOY is a well-known brand from Korea, And everyone loves glowing beautiful skin. I
would love to especially for a premium product like this.  Elishacoy skincare is organic – No harsh or preservative chemicals – it uses only plants of the highest qualities, Western
herbs extracts, as well as traditional Asian resources, all combined by  modern cutting edge

I love it myself because it doesnt cause skin irritation, i knew the product will assure me well everyday.

Let me introduce you the lovely Premium Products that i am currently using

Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB


Functions: 17 in 1 BB Cream (Detox + Whitening + Wrinkle Care + Organic Sun Screen + Makeup Base + Foundation + Concealer + Moisturizer + Brightening + Lifting & Firming + Soothing + Pore tightening + Skin breathing + Skin balancing + Smoother skin + Even skin tone + Trouble Care)


a.          Contains organic compound-free ingredient – sunscreen UV diffusing agent which is non-greasy, skin-friendly & blocks off UV rays effectively unlike other sun screen which absorbs UV rays which will further damage your skin.

b.         Gold extracts which detoxifies skin, promotes healthy blood circulation & natural radiance to glow on your skin.

c.          Gold therapy which promotes healthier skin tone, evens skin tone & skin glowing.

d.         Reduces fine lines, freckles & dark circles effectively.

e.          Wraps around the skin for 12 hours to complete a High Definition Nude Makeup effect.

f.          Eco-certified organic product

I love the texture of the Gold Mineral of ElishaCoy Triple BB Cream and the lovely SPF 45. Being under the sun for almost everyday on a short walk to work or play, i would be very conscious on my skin tone and the worst nightmare for everyone is freckles. And not knowing the harming rays will first lead to uneven skin tone and ageing our skin and eventually dark patches known as freckles.

My Verdict of Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB CREAM

This is me Before starting my day with the Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream

A Busy rushing morning will definately be very helpful when i have this handy useful product with me. I love the White Balancing Effect on my skin. And unlike other BBcream that i have tried, i love the texture of it and it does not make my face oily and sticky at the end of the day. Also, it doesnt make my face too dry. i felt a balance and prefect skin when i am using it. I also like that it is not a dark tone BB cream. If u get to try this product yourself i am sure you will love it like me as some bbcream though say one though fits all, some can be quite dark to the skin after using , if u are having a fair skin like me. The  Coverage of the BB cream is excellent as i do have some dark circles as i don’t sleep that early due to work and play and other events and activities.

This is me after Using Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB CREAM, all set and ready to go.

Also,check out the website for more Elishacoy Products and more other korean products. 
The lovely thing is that you can get your FREE delivery for $30 purchase and above, how nice to receive products at your doorstep. 

And if you are interested in Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB CREAM , it is $59.90 and you can get your instant FREE Delivery at your doorstep! 



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