Special Blogger Event : Benefit put the WOW into your Brows!

Thanks Benefits and Daphne for the wonderful night at Benefit.

Putting Wow To your Brows! Indeed Benefit WOW me

I must really agree with Asia Brow Queen that our brows are a Frame to our face and having good brows will give us good fengshui. And According to the Fengshui master from Hongkong, they said that if you have thick brows, u will likely to have a rich husband and those with thin eye brows makes good wife… soooo which one you wanna be? haaa i guess singapore girls all love rich husband, everyone is like drawing real thick brows hahahaaa, juz joking…erm.. did i draw my brows thick? heehee, u be the judge then πŸ˜›

Our brave model of the day, June, she said its painless and she felt nothing…so i guess, those who fear waxing, u could really try it. Coz like June say, it is painless…

I am playing and listening on the teaching of measuring our eye brows

Wing say ” Hey gin, pls be more attentive..” <just joking, coz this pix really look like , wing is the teacher >

Maki, is so patient, she is holding my hands and drawing with me , i felt that i must really do my best because she is really teaching me so much…

Me and June , very happy that our eyebrows are done.

I am so honoured that they let me tried the eyebrow waxing…i got a feeling each time she peel off , i have this in my head ” are my eye brows still there ?” hahaha and she say “yes , juz the mini hair remove” They use pearl wax to do for us. It’s a very good quality wax. I love this experience, definately going back to do it again, Β i wan amy to do for me!!!!

Wing is sharing with us her secret of her beautiful skin to use a good pore minimizer and primer

I am really very happy to be with them in the picture. They are lovely, nice and friendly, juz like a long lost friend. Lovely people i met from hongkong to singapore. Love ya pretty ladies.

I really really love this generous gift , so blessed to have it in my hands!!!
Thanks benefits for always taking care of our beauty and face. I left so honoured to be cared

Really love this Β product from benefit. .. It is my daily dose , a must every day , if u havent grab yours… go to their store and grab it as this item is a hot selling product , always sold out, one sold out in every 5mins πŸ™‚ cool!!!!

Once again, thank you so much and to wing and maki, it is really my pleasure meeting the two of you, i learned alot and thanks for all the patience, i missed you all already and hope to see u all soon. i wanna go hongkong and find u girls haaaaa πŸ™‚

My lovely readers, you can also share with me what is your favourite benefit products, because i am newbie to benefits, now i am loving each product bit by bit , my latest love is the brow…wondering which other products from them are lovely. Do share with me alright and also other readers who will drop by. πŸ™‚ leave your comments and tell me πŸ™‚

In addition ,
Benefit’s Brow Bars are available at sephora Ion (65098254 ext.111) and TANGS Orchard (6235 5953)

Brow arch – $22
Brow & Lip – $31
Chin & lip – $25
Chin – $17
lip – $16
brow arch “buy 3 get 1 free” package – $65
brow arch “buy 5 get 2 free” package – $110
brow +lip “buy 3 get 1 free” package – $93
brow +lip “buy 5 get 2 free” package – $155

If you’re considering to get your brows groomed, head down to TANGS where Amy will be stationed. Remember to mention, gin wong, as your referral and they will be nice to you πŸ™‚
Alright tata for now


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