Hi Everyone,
Special Thanks to Babara, June, Jerraine, Stella and all the L’Oreal team for making this first makeup workshop a success. It is really fun, exciting and enjoyable, a day for us to remember.

This is my outfit of the day as we are asked to wear butterfly colors and matching the day event. Let me catch a shot with the event poster πŸ™‚ kinda match my outfit and i love the Aquadisiac in the poster! Nice beautiful blue !!!

All of us eating happily and really love the food at fika cafe- one of the best swedish restaurant.

Me and the Little wooden horse… it juz reminds me of childhood days in this cozy restaurant at Fika Cafe

See i am helping out in the kitchen preparing food for the bloggers… hahahha Juz joking πŸ™‚

The Launch of L’Oreal Limited Edition Open eyes L’OREAL PARIS “CHROME INTENSITY…and guess what, it is only $19.90 , so worth it for a 4 palette eye color. The eyeshadows are formulated with Pure Refined Micro-Pigments so each shade has a highly pearlised finish and excellent colour payoff.

The Introduction of L’OREAL PARIS “CHROME INTENSITY Open eyes by Jerraine. It is fun, nice and interactive. I think all of us is trying to concentrate on her eye makeup and so eager to try it for yourself. She is using a bold colors, with the warm pink and purple. It look perfect on her eyes! Wee woo wee! πŸ™‚

Me and Julyen Zovik LaVerne, he has the magician hands that do magic to our face. His skill is superb and he is a funny and interesting guy. He is the founder of http://worldofcolors.webs.com/

He is doing magic to my eyes…

He seldom smile…haaaa.. this pix he finally smile πŸ™‚ Nice! This picture is priceless.

The Fun Time with the bloggers. And our dress code was butterfly colors and i am in my butterfly dress. One of my favourite piece in my dressing room.

Me with the L’Oreal Pretty Girls.. Hi ya…Stella, we meet again!!!

Me and Pretty June πŸ™‚

I am helping other bloggers take pix… you can see the butterfly details of my dress

Nicely Done eyes – me using Magic Amber…which is exclusively sold only at a few places

i really loves the butterfly cant bear to leave the room without them… thus let me take some pix before leaving them… awww

Ok i have said enough of the goodness of the L’OrΓ©al Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity and to extend this excitement to my readers out there as well, so I urge all you to participate and win an exclusive $50 hamper from L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics!

Now this is what you have to do…

Tell Us which is your favourite palette in L’OrΓ©al Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Limited edition collection and 18 June 2010. Tell your friends too!!! HURRY TIME IS Running out!!!



  1. Haha, laugh at the greedy me at the pic where i was holding the fork and knife!

    I like pink mania too! Still thinking if i should go and get the pink and the blue palette to finish up my collection. Wahaha. XD

  2. Hi there!! I was at the party too! πŸ™‚

    I like Aquadisiac! I blogged about it! The colour really stays throughout the day! I hardly use blue before this… cos it didn’t really suit my skin colour but this… this is great!

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