Advertisement : FreshKon The Sparkling Series

Dear Readers,
i am one of the girls in the poster for Freshkon. Thank you Freshkon. I love Freshkon Mosaic and The Sparkling Series because it is very comfortable and it provides moisturiser for the eyes and not drying when i wear it even for long hours sometime. i love the colors , they are natural and i dare to wear all colors because they are having 3D blended colors that fits so well for the eyes. It is worth trying it out.

I would like to share with my readers the current promotion and do drop by the roadshow at bugis as well as spectacles outlet having Freshkon products.

Alternatively, u could also drop your comments and tell us how u love this products. Freshkon would love to hear from you too!

And i got myself  FreshKon The Sparkling Series – Brilliant Brown (Thanks June)

The comfort level of the sparkling series lens are nice on my eyes. But of coz, try not to put on any contact lens for more than 10 hrs coz u dun wan ur eyes to feel uncomfortable , dont you?

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