Advertisement : CUSKIN PRODUCTS

Hello readers, CUSkin has a lot of a wonderful products and i love to recommand to you all.

CUSkin stands for Clean Up Dermatoglogy. It helps actual skin improvement rather than simple skincare.

CUSkin is the best cosmeceutical corporation in korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for troubled skin based on clinical research for 9years.

CUSkin was so nice and kind and delivers this two star products for me to share with my readers here…

Taaaa Daaaaaa….

This 2 star products from CUSkin …. love to recommand to my readers here……

First of all,

Clean Up – Pure whitening Cream

Pure whitening cream gives a translucent and radiant complexion. Arbutin skin whitening cream not only inhibits the progress of skin darkening and it also effectively reduces existing pigmentation. Clinically tested by korea FDA

My Verdict :
it is easily absorbed, lightweight texture. suitable for all skin type and it is non oily or greasy. It does not cost any irritation to my skin and i totally loves it as it gives my skin glowy radiance after using.

Whitening and Wrinkle Repair BB cream

It naturally covers and protects the skin. it helps brighten and repair wrinkles and giving a firmer and livelier look.

The ingreditents contain Arbutin and adenosine which are efficient in treating shady, dark, dry and saggy skin.

My Verdict :

My skin is brighten up and enhanced after using it. it does not feels oily for the whole day. i love the texture of the cream. i do not feel like wearing thick makeup on and it is nice even to use as a makeup base.

Check out more products here

And for every product u purchased, $1 will be donated to community chest. A beautiful you comes from a beautiful heart 🙂

In conjuction with CUSkin and my blog, we are giving each of my readers samples to try.
pls leave your comment with your name and mailing address. we will mail to you the products. While stock last.


30 thoughts on “Advertisement : CUSKIN PRODUCTS

  1. hi gin!
    sounds good but do we need to pay anything to get the free sample e.g. pay for postage etc?

    or just leave name and mailing address to get free sample only?


  2. Hi Gin,
    Thanks for offering new sample, interested to give it a try! If it’s good, will surely convert into long term customers 🙂


  3. Thanks a lot! I am just learning Information.
    Php and this was very easy to follow and helped a lot.
    You really took time to explain every little bit.
    Thanks again.

  4. Hi Gin,

    I am interested to try the product.
    Here’s my mailing address:
    Name: Irene Koh
    Address: mailed

    Thanks in advance for the recommendation. 😀

  5. hi is the sample still available pls mail to me one..
    address : 1496 jalan tbk 7/9, taman bukit kepayang, 70200 seremban n. sembilan

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